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Monocolor Atom Theme


From white to black, the art with beautiful gradation!If you apply this mono-color theme, your phone will be luxury.
▶Atom Theme User Guide1. Press and hold an empty space on the home screen to choose your theme, or press the menu for theme settings2. Choose and apply the desired theme3. Changing icons: able to change every icon (press and hold each icon to change individually).4. Changing point color: able to change point colors on the top of home and app screens
▶Tips1. Incorporating photos in the gallery with Atom icons (Menu – Wallpapers - Apply)2. Changing colors and/or hiding home screen texts to match the theme (Launcher Settings – Home Screen – Icon Text Color)
▶Atom StoreWith weekly updated themes, icon packages, and widgets that range from sophisticated, simple themes to artists’ sensuous illustrations, you can decorate your phone’s home screen daily: search Atom Store on the search tab!!
▶Theme MakerA simple theme creating function that allows you to build your very own themes with the photos in your gallery1. Press menu on your home screen, or enter through Theme Maker on the upper-right-hand corner of Theme Settings2. Choose any wallpaper (multi-wallpaper, still photo, etc.)3. Choose icons and point color and…4. your very own personal theme! - You may not edit the theme once it is finished, but you can delete it in Theme Settings and simply create another!
▶Notes - Available in Android 4.0.2 or higher - You need at least 20MB in main storage to save theme related resources - The installed application’s icon will not be visible on the menu to improve usability- Badges for missed call and unread messages are only available in standard application: functionality may differ from one manufacturer to another - Optimus View series only supports a select few themes due to resolution (4:3) issues - Certain manufacturers’ default widgets may not show in Atom Launcher as they are made to use only from their default home screens
▶Customer ServicePlease leave reviews (5 stars are like Red Bull to exhausted developers)If you find any suggestions or inconveniences in using the application, please contact us through email addresses posted below: - Customer Service mail: - Blog: - Facebook: